Turf-Scape is a full service commercial and residential landscape management company. We specialize in Lawn & Landscape Management, Irrigation, Weed Control & Fertilization, Core Aeration,Commercial Landscape Management, Landscape Design & Installation, Hardscape Design & Installation, Tree Services, Outdoor Lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Whether you need patio lighting, low voltage lighting, or outdoor lighting fixtures to highlight your well-manicured lawn and garden, we will provide you with everything you need for a beautifully illuminated outdoor living space!

Tree Services

We provide excellent tree trimming as well as tree removal. We can even grind down old stumps and clear your lot of trees. Not looking to cut down all of you trees then our tree canopy thinning service might interest you. We are available not only during business hours, we are available 24/7 for emergency service.

Hardscape Design

When it comes to landscape design there are the plants that are hardscape elements. The hardscape refers to anything that isn’t living and planted in the ground. Structures like driveways, fences, fences and brick or rock paths are examples of hardscape design.

Landscape Design

TURF-SCAPE, INC. can design your new landscape or spruce up your existing landscape.

Core Aeration

Over time soil naturally becomes compacted, leaving the subsoil undesirable for healthy lawn growth. Walking, playing, mowing and watering compact soil particles and reduce the air space necessary for root growth. Compaction needs to be relieved by mechanical aeration.

Weed Control and Fertilization

Our program consists of five (5) treatments throughout the year. This includes fertilization, pre-emergent herbicides & post-emergent herbicide applications. Our fertilization is a mixed blend that promotes root growth & strength and the result is a healthier, thicker greener grass.


A Turf-Scape custom designed irrigation system is vital to your lawn. The right amount of water, when applied properly, will maintain a healthy, lush landscape and at the same time conserve water. We use water conserving products such as MP Rotators and recommend using Smart controllers.

Landscape Management

TURF-SCAPE, INC. will give your lawn or commercial property the curb appeal that everyone desires without all of the worries or hard work. Let us take care of your commercial property. We will mow, edge walks, curbs and planting beds. We clear clippings from concrete areas, weed beds, remove debris, fertilize, trim and much more

Reviews from our Clients

My city's meter reader said he noticed a 30,000 gallon a month reading the last two months. I called Turf-Scape about 2 PM on a Friday about the water leak (the leak was in the irrigation coupling that Turf-Scape had installed to my main water line, the leak couldn't be isolated). Thirty minutes later two

Excellent and very dependable services year in and year out (in our church's case for many years now). Always quick to correct any concerns we might have (and there has been very very over the years). Nothing but A+++ as for as we are concerned!!!!

Quoted job was a french drain install. Didn't finish job per quote. Came back to finish job and do some changes I asked for but did a poor job of it. Salesman didn't relay my requests to installation crew. I asked for extra dirt be placed into an existing pile I had on my property.